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By Reproductive Technologies

How accurate is AccuBreed? Our unique computerized heat detection technology catches over 95 percent of all standing heats. In addition to catching those heats, it tells you precisely the best time to A.I. each cow or heifer. Knowing exactly which cows are in heat and when to breed them means your A.I. accuracy will go through the roof, rather than down the drain. So, tell your clean-up bull to cool his hooves, and let AccuBreed turn your reproductive management into reproductive genius. Review the enclosed information and give us a call at 641-745-4004 or 641-745-7600.

AccuBreed identifies cows in standing heat 24
Hours a Day � 7 Days a Week!

The AccuBreed Heat Detection System

Real Time Heat Detection

Missing cows in heat and not knowing
when cows come into heat are the major reproductive problems facing the purebred
and commercial breeder.

AccuBreed technology has been used
with tremendous successful in reproductive programs with cattle breeders.

AccuBreed is a highly advanced product designed for easier, more accurate heat detection and reproductive management.

AccuBreed tells you precisely
which cows are in heat and the exact onset of heat!



AccuBreed Benefits your Breeding Program!

AccuBreed helps you manage your breeding program by accurately detecting heats and determining the precise onset of standing heat.

� Improves A. I. conception rates

� More cows and heifers A. I. bred to your favorite bull

� Identifies problem cows early

� Improves semen cost management

� � and you get a quick payback on your investment!


AccuBreed Technology

Radio Frequency Data Communication (RFDC) technology drives AccuBreed�. Small radio transmitters are placed inside disposable patches and glued onto the tail heads of your cows.



When mounting begins, a receiver collects and transmits mounting information to your computer.

All you do is pull up your AccuBreed� software program and all the data you need is there. It tells you which cows were mounted and when. It�s very powerful and easy!



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