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J M Sales
P.O. Box 136 110 Benton Street,
Fontanelle, Iowa 50846

Rex & Judy McDowall
Authorized Dealer

(641) 745-4004

(641) 745-7600


Rex and Judy McDowall are the authorized dealers for AccuBreed in Iowa and the surrounding states of Missouri, Arkansas,  Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Utah.

Rex and Judy have managed purebred cattle operations for more than 25 years before starting with HeatWatch in 1996. We have always been extensively involved with AI and ET work. JM Sales was started in 2000.

We appreciate what AccuBreed is doing for our Beef and Dairy clients. We know that it takes long hours spent heat detecting, time missed being with the family and other duties of a successful livestock operation. We also know first hand the labor savings and peace of mind of having a AccuBreed system on 'duty' 24/7. The combination of AccuBreeed and the new CIDR synchronization program lets us put the cows through 2 cycles and only having the patch on 25 days. This allows the use of the transmitters on 2 to 3 groups in one breeding season.

Our  #1 goal is customer service and satisfaction.






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