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J M Sales
P.O. Box 136 110 Benton Street,
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Rex & Judy McDowall
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Who We Are
 We are a group of cattle people, engineers and AI specialists.
 Our employees have been involved with the original HeatWatch® estrus detection system since its inception.

 What We Do
 We inventory and sell a full complement of products for the original HeatWatch® system.
 We also service and repair all HeatWatch® components.

 Replacement transmitters, receivers, buffers and repeaters.
 Original orange patches in all sizes.
 Ruscoe® glue
 VCI bags, transmitter gaskets and membranes.
 Repairs and upgrades on all your HeatWatch® components.
 Transmitter upgrades and repairs - $15.
 Software upgrades and custom programming.
 Have an old system you want to refurbish and fire up? Call us!

JM Sales
P.O. Box 136
Fontanelle, IA 50846
Phone: 641-745-4004


AccuBreed™ Wireless Heat Detection Systems: The Gold Standard for Heat Detection and Herd Management

Rockway Inc., the makers of ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors and ID™ Animal Identification Bands, is pleased to introduce AccuBreed™ Wireless Heat Detection Systems to its family of Innovative Herd Management Products.

AccuBreed is a long-distance heat detection system that sends mounting activity data digitally through transmitters located on the ranch, feedlot or pasture.

When a mounting event occurs, a transmitter switch that is applied to the hindquarters of the animal presses down and sends a data stream to a computer database. The data stream includes the date, time and location of the specific cow that had been mounted. A rancher can access the AccuBreed database from anywhere with an Internet connection.

“With just a few keystrokes, the rancher can see exactly which cows have experienced a mounting activity in real-time,” says Buzz Yancey, Product Manager for AccuBreed.

In recent trials, AccuBreed transmitter switches were effective in distances in over a half-mile from the nearest transceiver.

Yancey calls AccuBreed the most comprehensive wireless heat detection system. “AccuBreed identifies all animals in standing heat and precise onset of standing heat. It has shown greater than 95 percent accuracy in our field trials,” Yancey says. “AccuBreed’s software is more advanced and easier to use than any of its wireless heat detection predecessors, and can be customized to meet the rancher’s specific needs.”

According to Yancey, AccuBreed makes applying transmitter switches easier with the introduction of the new Peel-N-Stick Patch. “With just four easy steps, the Peel-N-Stick Patch can be applied much faster and more effectively than previous patch designs,” says Yancey.

“AccuBreed is not just a heat detection tool – it’s a complete productivity tool that allows ranchers to focus on other parts of the operation,” Yancey says. “It’s a system that is capable of providing substantial economic returns in a very short time.”

For more information on AccuBreed, please contact Rex McDowall at 641-745-7600 or




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