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 Estrus Detection System

Missing cows in heat and not knowing when cows come into heat are the major reproductive problems facing the purebred and commercial breeder.

For the past fifteen years,
HeatWatch has been used with tremendous successful in reproductive programs with cattle breeders.

HeatWatch is a highly advanced product designed for easier, more accurate heat detection and reproductive management.

HeatWatch tells you precisely which cows are in heat and the exact onset of heat!
HeatWatch Systems

The HeatWatch for Windows system functions as a complete reproductive management system by providing you with a wealth of data regarding the reproductive status of each individual cow or heifer. It is very versatile, allowing you to define, customize and create reports and lists specifically suited to your operational needs.

This system gives you valuable, precise information on which cows are in heat, the onset times and duration of those heats and the best time to breed.

Call today for more information!
641-745-7600  or  641-745-4004

The HeatWatch components include radio frequency transmitters, receivers, software, patches, and repeaters (for hard-to-reach locations).

HeatWatch keeps paying for itself, over & over again . . . Call now for pricing details!


So Accurate You'll Bench 
The Clean - Up Bull

How accurate is HeatWatch ? Our unique computerized heat detection technology catches over 95 percent of all standing heats. In addition to catching those heats, it tells you precisely the best time to A.I. each cow or heifer. Knowing exactly which cows are in heat and when to breed them means your A.I. accuracy will go through the roof, rather than down the drain. So, tell your clean-up bull to cool his hooves, and let HeatWatch turn your reproductive management into reproductive genius. Review the enclosed information and give us a call at
641-745-4004 or 641-745-7600.


"It has been wonderful to have my husband home at night to help with the children and be here for and after supper. Thank you, HeatWatch, for letting my children spend nighttime with their dad."

Jen Otto - Otto Cattle Company
Walnut Grove, MN

"In our production sale, our AI bred heifers averaged $600.00 per head more than our bull bred heifers. I paid for my HeatWatch system in one-year usage."

Ben Kelly - Kelly Cattle Company
Dallas Center, IA

"HeatWatch does work in -38* degree!!!! We purchased our HeatWatch system in 1999. It has improved donor management tremendously by identifying "out of cycle" cows, as well as alerting us to postpartum and estrus cows. Recipient management is greatly reduced by letting HeatWatch manage heats. The reports can be a powerful management tool as well as an excellent "paper trail". "We love our HeatWatch and would highly recommend it to decrease labor and increase efficiency"

Kathy Creighton-Smith, Linda M. Creighton - Milk River Genetics
Harlem, MT

"We are extremely pleased with our HeatWatch system. I would say it took 90% of the work out of our heat detection. Of the 927 heifers, we bred 844 in 30 days. I would be glad to talk to anyone breeding beef cattle about how well HeatWatch has worked for us here at Circle A."

Ronnie Whittle - Manager Circle A Angus - Heifer Division
Lineville, IA

"Last fall we had 100% heat detection using HeatWatch and never missed one standing heat . . . our conception rate was outstanding. Heat detection and time of breeding were the keys. HeatWatch really works!"

Steve Yackley, Manager of Express Ranches
Yackley Division, Onida, SD

"The best thing
HeatWatch has done for me is given me free time in the evenings to spend with my family a rare occurrence during breeding season before we used HeatWatch. Not only did HeatWatch free up my time in the evenings, we also estimated that 225 man hours during the breeding season is now freed up to do other activities. Also, on a more technical note, since HeatWatch
catches heats during the evening, we can breed first thing in the morning at the optimal time to conceive. Before using HeatWatch, when a cow came into heat at night, we may have waited until mid-afternoon to AI, and inadvertently missed ovulation."

Johnnie J. Johnson - Triple J Farm - Craig, NE
Herd size 160, Commercial cows with emphasis on club calves



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