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  RAU Immobilizer - IM2000

We have among our products, the RAU Animal Immobilizer that has been in operation in various parts of the world for the last eight years.


This product has a unique feature – without the aid of catching the animal’s head in the head chute – it completely immobilizes an animal for:

  • Close examination

  • Minor treatment procedures, great for pink eye treatment

  • Hoof trimming

  • Branding

  • Dehorning

  • Measuring horns and testicles

  • Show Cattle Hair Clipping

  • Milking

  • Tattooing

The Immobilizer is of a very rugged construction and is simple to operate. This unit has a self-contained power source to ensure that it is completely portable. A rechargeable battery allows between 8 – 10 hours of continuous usage. A complete set of operation instructions is supplied with easy step-by-step instructions.

An animal is placed in a controlled space, without the ability to move forward, such as a small pen or a chute with access for inspection or a facility for the animal to lean on while immobilized. When a leg is raised off the ground the animal may become unbalanced. An aluminum probe is inserted into the anus and an adjustment made to the pulse intensity. The animal immediately becomes immobilized. As soon as the probe is removed, the animal returns to normal with no side effects. This ensures that you can maintain the highest quality and safety standards for you, your employees and your herd.

“This is a wonderful device that would be an ideal piece of equipment for cattlemen or veterinarians who need to restrain large animals to treat them.”…. Veterinarian - Wauchula, FL
“I used the RAU Immobilizer to treat pinkeye on Longhorn cows. The device allowed me to treat the eye without the animal moving its head. I would recommend this device to any livestock producer.” …Producer - Hico, TX




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