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The system works by gluing a small, radio transmitter with a pressure sensor on the tailhead of the cow. When a cow is mounted, information on that mount is sent to a small radio receiver and then down into the producer's PC

HeatWatch software delivers, at any time, all the mounting activity of any animal wearing a transmitter. It displays all cows in heat, coming into heat, and the precise time of heat onset.

HeatWatch uses patented computer based, remote sensing technology that detects and records over 95 percent of all standing mounts - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

cowreceiver.jpg (30675 bytes) 1.  Every time there is a mount, data is sent from that particular transmitter to the receiver and stored in the buffer until you access it by the computer software for HeatWatch. Data that is generated on every mount includes the cow mounted, date and time of the mount and duration of the mount in seconds.

2.  The receiver collects and transmits data from up to 1/4 mile away on each cow to your personal computer. Plus, the system can be designed to cover greater distances, provide remote access and portability too.

3.  A buffer attached to your PC stores the data until you access it via the HeatWatch software.

Information in the system allows producers to retrieve heat activity of past estrus cycles, and to record information on breeding activity (inseminator, time of insemination, sire used, rebreeds, etc.).

There is literally no one using the system that will not say it is one of the best investments they have made in their A.I. program and provides one of the quickest returns they have ever experienced.

HeatWatch is first and foremost a tremendous aid in the accurate, efficient, reliable detection of estrus activity in cows/heifers. It enables producers to very accurately inseminate and manage their cattle reproductive program.

When mounting begins, a receiver collects and transmits mounting information to your personal computer (PC).

All you do is pull up your HeatWatch software program and all the data you need is there. It tells you which cows were mounted and when. It's very powerful and easy!

  Benefits Your  Breeding Program! 


HeatWatch helps you manage your breeding program by accurately detecting heats and determining the precise onset of standing heat.

Imagine Knowing The Precise Onset Of Estrus For Each Cow Or Heifer

How much could you produce? How much could you save in operational costs? HeatWatch has the answers.

HeatWatch catches over 95% of all standing mounts, your A.I. accuracy will go through the roof rather than down the drain. This translates into substantial, measurable economic gains with more valuable A.I. - bred calves on the ground, which in turn offers stronger economic returns.
HeatWatch enables the commercial beef producer and seed stock producer to utilize A.I. or ET with consistently outstanding results.
  • Improves A.I. conception rates
  • Reduces the number of repeat breedings
  • Increases management efficiency
  • Improves semen cost management
  • Identifies problem cows early

Finally, the normal return on investment for cattle operations using the HeatWatch system is two years or less!

So tell the clean-up bull to cool his hooves. Call today for more information on the HeatWatch system.




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